My first gift from my first born

So, I received my first special Mother's Day Gift, from my first REAL gift as a Mother - my first born. He is the most thoughtful, beautiful soul you'll ever meet. 

He surprised me with this painted potted flower. And a sweet, handpainted card. My heart melted and my eyes welled up with tears. 

I couldn't be more proud as a mother. He's growing up so quickly yet so perfectly. Each day that goes by I realize even more than the last that he is a special child. I'm a blessed mother of two but today wanted to thank my oldest son, just 12 months older than his brother, for showing his younger brother how to be wonderful. He looks out for him, makes sure he has enough food, hugs him from time to time, calls him his "little buddy", and shows him the ways of being a little kid.  

Thanks to my precious boys. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow - on Mother's Day - and hug you both with all my might. 

CHEERS! To a Happy Mother's Day! ALL you mother's out there deserve a thank you and recognition because it's the hardest job known to man!