The Blissful Chef's Soba Noodles with Basil Pecan Pesto

I had the pleasure of receiving The Blissful Chef's Spring Recipe Book and boy oh boy was it full of good stuff. I decided to make her Pesto recipe for my son's birthday party yesterday. 

Her book isn't raw but it's 100% vegan and in season. I had a great time making this wonderful recipe. My favorite addition was the lemon zest, so DON'T leave it out. Mmmm. Mmmmmmm. 


1 package soba noodles, cooked

1/2 c pecans, toasted
2 c packed basil
2 Tbls white miso
1 Tbls agave {you might want to add a touch less if you don't want it sweet}
2 Tbls balsamic {I used only 1 Tbls}
1 lemon, zested and juiced
water, as necessary {I didn't use any but it might have been helpful}
sea salt & pepper to taste

Blend pesto ingredients in a food processor adding water as necessary to get the desired consistency. Season to taste. Toss noodles with the desired amount of pesto and serve. 

note: you can make this a raw sauce if you don't toast the nuts. that would also taste delish. 

Enjoy the photos and if you like the looks of this. I highly recommend you buy her virtual Cook Books! Thanks again CHRISTY!!!!