gourmet garlic sauce sandwich & a few random dishes


This past week has been really fun. I'm getting excited about Summer fruits and farmer's markets. I have been, like I said before, working on our diets again after a long cold Winter full of less exciting foods. 

This week I made 2 dehydrators full of amazing treats. All of which I thought up one day while driving home from work. And after a few hours in the kitchen they turned out perfect and I can't wait to make them again. 

What I find to be really convenient is to crank it all out in one day / afternoon. I made a huge amount of cashew milk, two batches of kale chips, marinated cauliflower {dehydrated until soft}, crunchy cheesy zucchini and loaded up on avocados. We did sandwiches and seaweed wraps all week. 

I also bought the soft cabbage from our local market and tossed it in olive oil, sea salt and pepper {after a friend mentioned that she did this recently}. For the "Mr" in my life I add poached eggs and this GREAT new local raw sauce I picked up at the store a few weeks back. I added a few kale kracker crumbs and it was a huge hit. 

As cumbersome and time consuming as home cooked foods can be, there is still a brilliant simplicity to it. Just fresh produce from the land, garlic, olive oil, lemon and sea salt: Those simple ingredients can create such beautiful, intense and intricate dishes. 

Not to mention, just the smallest amount of the right foods can give you the craziest amount of energy because it's loaded with nutrients - all the wonderful things the body needs - and no fillers {i.e. coloring, sugar, sodas, powders, flavorings, preservatives, flour, eggs, dairy, etc.}. One small bite of that sandwich can give you more energy and health than a whole box of Oreo cookies. Strange to think about, right? But it's true. 

Enjoy. Happy Wednesday.