Organic, Local & In Season Produce Bag

Last week I discovered a new source for organic produce. This is great news because our KOOKIE KARMA line of Krackers is expanding and also becoming more and more popular. Our first large vegetable order was a pick-up and after that everything will be delivered weekly. While waiting for my car to get loaded with boxes and boxes of kale, carrots, garlic, herbs, and so on, I met the nicest people at Specialty Produce. One of the girls at the warehouse told me about what they call their Farmer's Market Bags and actually gave me one to try. What a great idea, right? They gather up the 'random' local in season organic produce from all their vendors and create a bag that people can purchase at retail. 

I took it home and had fun creating some raw salads. 

First I marinated the golden beets in lemon zest and olive oil. I sprinkled a little rice vinegar on top and chopped dates. 

Then I chopped up the rest of the veggies - cauliflower {my winter favorite}, asparagus, purple peppers and broccoli. I poured my vegan cheese sauce all over it and let it dehydrate for about 4 hours until dinner time. 

I added fresh greens and herbs to the beets with avocado and sea salt. 

The dinner turned out pretty great. I also made mac & cheese for my boys and topped it all off with kale chips and cauliflower again! The boys LOVED it {they also liked the raw veggies salad in the photo below}.