I'd like to introduce you guys to the coolest chick - Noelle - who is the face and voice behind Green Lemonade! Not only does she sparkle and glow and illuminate good health but she is expecting baby #1. Stay tuned for a pregnancy Q & A from her. She is a health food junkie and has a lot to say about her style of eating.

For now check out what she has to say about eating MORE raw foods:

Eating predominantly cooked (enzyme deficient) foods puts a great strain on your body. You see the signs of this “strain” in tired skin, dark circles under your eyes and (often) a few extra pounds on your thighs.

Enzymes in raw foods boost your bod’s rejuvenation + slimming work and help fight tired skin and wrinkles.

Detox beauties and their dudes are eating more raw foods today – including uncooked vegetables, fruits and leafy greens – as a way to supplement the enzyme stores in their body. These beauties argue that only eating cooked foods (food cooked beyond 118F) requires your body to manufacture its own digestive enzymes (vs being able to use some of the enzymes in the food to help with this process). Over time, the enzyme requirements of these cooked foods start to compete with your bod’s enzyme needs for cleansing, healing and beautification. You may suffer the consequences of this tug-of-war with tired skin and wrinkles.

You might enjoy these 5 easy ways to eat more raw foods

  1. Start your day with a crunchy organic apple and in the process ramp up your body’s overnight healing and slimming work.
  2. Swap out your chips at lunch for a bag of crunchy carrots or celery sticks and still enjoy the crunch you love.
  3. Swap out crackers for sliced cucumber wedges to enjoy with your favorite hummus dip.
  4. Embrace a low-sugar fruit smoothie for breakfast Like this Strawberry + Banana Smoothie and in the process ramp up your body’s overnight healing and slimming work.
  5. Get into the habit of nibbling on a small green saladbefore your lunch and dinner meals. Leafy greens act like little scrub brushes in your bod helping to clear blockages that may be preventing you from reaching feel good bliss.

Also, you've gotta Noelle's Super Bowl Game Day Dip!

Enjoy! & Congrats again to Noelle!