It is PUREmamas GIVEAWAY time!

I'm super excited about this. Semilla Snack Bags are some of the sweetest looking eco-friendly sandwich pouches, I have ever seen!

Before we get started with the contest, read more about this company:

Semilla Snack Bags offers a complete line of eco-friendly, machine washable bags that are both functional and funky. Designed to entice snackers of all ages to make the transition from disposable baggies to a reusable, earth friendly alternative has never been so easy-or fun!

These bags give parents the opportunity to teach kids about the environment, and nutritious snack choices. It is a simple idea that encourages responsibility, a healthy lifestyle, and ultimately help make our planet a little greener. 

As a family with young children, the creators understands the allure of prepackaged snacks and the convenience of plastic baggies. However, the excessive waste created from their daily routine of visiting the park, playing at the beach or going to the museums, was not environmentally responsible and hence the start of Semilla Snack Bags!

What could be more perfect for a PUREmamas giveaway! Now, this won't be any 'traditional' giveaway; Instead you'll have to be a bit more creative to win this special prize. 


1) You must email us { deliciouskookies at gmail dot com } or leave a comment with your favorite lunch and/or creative healthy snack idea for these bags. 

2) You must also follow @JuliNovotny on twitter & LIKE Semilla Snack Bags on facebook!

By Wednesday of next week, the 9th of February, we will announce the winner. NOW CLOSED


2 Snack Bags & A Snack Circle :: Winner Chooses favorite Pattern/Color


----> Images thanks to Trent Johnson