Everyday Eats :: A Challenge For You

I think most of us, men and women alike, need guidance, contstant reminders, motivation and goal setting on an everyday basis to keep us on track. Whether it be spiritually, mentally, or physically, we tend to lack the inner endurance to keep our will power and strength working to its potential. 

It's not easy to work out everday, be kind, smile more, stay motivated at work, be artistically driven, not drink too much, remember to take deep breaths, say no to the fast food or packaged goods and so on. 

Note: as most of you parents know, one good thing about children is they test and exercise your patience on a daily, momentary {uh um} basis. 

I took this picture today for you to look at, maybe print out, and put on your fridge. This image is of the things you should be consuming on a daily basis. Maybe not the eggs for some of us, but most of the time we grab boxed crackers and cheese instead of quickly whipping up a green smoothie when we are hungry. 

It's only noon and I've already eaten all that you see above in that pic {oh, minus the potatoes}.

Honestly, it's almost as time consuming to get out the cutting board, open a box, find a bowl, get the knife, cut the cheese into slices, package the cheese back up, the box of crackers back up, clean the mess and the dishes as it is to throw fruit and veggies into a blender. So, you can forget about using that excuse. 

Don't do it for anybody but YOURSELF. Maybe for the planet, too. Your kids future? 

Whether you eat this stuff raw {preferably} or slightly steam or stir fry, you should be consuming this much green and colored plant-based foods on a daily basis. 

Don't be too hard on yourself, just make it a goal. Somedays you can choose garbanzo beans instead of nut butter, or make nut milk instead of nut butter. You can add mushrooms and onions and garlic or grapefruits instead of oranges. Or maybe fresh mango instead of berries. Coconut meat and olive oil can be added as well. And of course, I'm missing avocados in that picture. 

This is especially important during this holiday season. Right???

I challenge you to do THIS much fresh plant-based food for a whole week {in addition to whatever else you eat or, better yet, in PLACE of}, if not MORE. Please, keep your fridge stocked. You might have a take an extra trip to the store or go to the farmer's market this week. But it will be worth it. 




If you do this, please email {or comment} me and tell me how feel. I can keep you motivated with emails and facebook messages to keep you going. 


p.s. It's only 12 noon and I have eaten most of what you see in the picture above. I feel great.