Thanksgiving Menu 2011 :: Napa Valley

We're in Napa Valley once again, staying at our favorite spot: with our wonderful friends! The Staglins not only are amazing people, who live on a beautiful property, but they produce fabulous wine! Not sure if you already have, but I suggest you familiarize yourself with it {wink}. 

Sober for the past 2 days - YES, we are in Napa and yes, we are crazy - we are so excited today to be here and sip a few chardonnays and cabernets. 

Most importantly, I'm SO happy to just be here. Free of the stresses of home life. I'm ready {that sounds funny} to be extra thankful this week and spend some quality time with my kids. If you didn't already know, I spend most of ALL of each and every day with my boys {minus a few hours a week}. But I am not always as present as I should be. And I'm often busy with everyday life and work. 

So, not only am I so FREAKIN' stoked to be here cooking up a storm, shopping at the gourmet stores, eating at Farm-To-Table restaurants, drinking the BEST wine on the planet, but I'm so excited to have 8 whole days of boy/kid oriented hikes, play dates, parks, toys, shows, and all that good stuff. 

If you're interested, here's a peek into our Thanksgiving Menu {note: I am the ONLY veg one here, minus my kiddos}. 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!   be thankful!