Pumpkin Parfait

This recipe makes a great late night treat. The first reation I got was "this is good for me?" LOVE hearing that. YES, the ingredients in this parfait are so healthy and great for the Fall season. The spices make the squash/pumpkin of your choice taste like pumpkin pie. 

This dessert/snack has a very pudding like texture. 

If you make the yogurt ahead of time, you don't have to wait for it to ferment, just use it right away. It gives it more of a pudding texture this way. 

Also, I made the squash/pumpkin up first. I had baked it for a dinner and then used just 1.5 cups for the dessert. Same with the yogurt. I made the big batch of it for my kids and then used about 1.5 cups for the parfait. 

Good luck. 


note: the list of steps and ingredients looks long. It's really not that bad. 

Pumpkin Layer {makes about 2 parfaits, you can double it for 4}
1.5c Pumpkin or Squash, baked {see my recipe}
1/4 cashew milk or water
2 heaping Tbls raw local honey
pinch pumpkin pie spice
pinch cardamom
pinch allspice
pinch sea salt {tiny pinch}
1tsp sunflower lecithin {optional}

Yogurt Layer {makes 4-5 parfaits - eat any leftovers as yogurt}
Alexis' recipe + inside 1 vanilla bean, scraped

Walnut Crust / Crumble {makes 2 parfaits}
1/3c walnuts
1/3c maple sugar 

note: you can use any crust recipe of your choice, you do not have to use this one. There are good ones out there with macademia nuts or almonds with dates or date paste, etc. 

For the pumpkin parfait, follow the directions for the butternut squash on my blog. When cool, blend the squash in blender with all of the listed ingredients until VERY smooth. 

For the yogurt layer, follow the recipe and add the vanilla bean to the vitamix while blending yogurt. 

For the crust or crumbles, depending on where you want your walnuts {on the top of the parfait or in between or on the bottom}, mix all in a small coffee grinder or cusinart mixer until all chopped nicely. 

Now time to layer the different mixes into a glass jar or a glass of your choice.