Totally Rockin' Tempeh {quick, cheap & easy}

I know, I know, I just wrote about the dangers of soy. A lot of people didn't know about the damage that too much soy can do, so the feedback I received was wonderful.

But, some soy, isn't bad, especially when it's fermented. When it's fermented it can actually be a great addition to a vegan and NON vegan diet. That's right, tempeh is NOT just for vegetarians. Just like in Japan, tofu is also apart of their healthy raw fish diet. 

I've been perfecting this recipe for years and it's one in particular that has sparked a lot of interest from friends and family. They absoultely love it. Even those that think they won't like it. 

Here is why I like it:

  • You can eat it plain in bite size portions as a snack. 
  • Kids LOVE it {great addition to the lunch box}. 
  • It's super easy to make and has only a few ingredients. 
  • You can eat it with rice or with meat or with veggies. 
  • It can be a meat-substitute for taco night. 
  • A great Meatless Monday idea {eh um}.
  • You can add a bit of ginger and honey to give it a teriyaki kick. 
  • Tastes amazing with avocado. 
  • A great source of fats, carbs and protein. 

 I Encourage You To Get Creative.

Juli's Tempeh Recipe

1 8oz package of tempeh
1.5 Tbls coconut oil {or olive oil, but be sure to turn heat down}
3 cloves garlic
4 Tbls soy sauce or nama shoyu or tamari
1 Tbls {vegan} worchestire sauce {optional - use an extra tablespoon of soy sauce if you omit this}

Heat coconut oil in skiillet on medium heat. Add garlic. Meanwhile, chop tempeh into thin strips and then half them. Or you can do strips if you would like. But don't cut them too thick. 

Add tempeh to the skillet. Mix with oil. Let them cook for a few minutes on one side, then toss again. After another minute or so, add soy sauce and worchestire. The trick to this recipe is to let the tempeh sit on one side and get brown before flipping. Don't toss them over and over. Let them cook until they get brown. Then toss and MAYBE add a bit more soy sauce if it dries up. Try and get both sides pretty brown.

tip: if it doesn't seem to be getting brown, turn the heat up a bit.

This recipe is a tad salty. But, that's why it's so good. ;)