Beautiful Bountiful Beet Juice

Getting ready for the holidays? I suggest you keep it CLEAN for the next few days. By clean, I mean, cleaning out the system. 

A few tips on how to stay clean:

  • ORGANIC dairy, produce, meat and juice.
  • Lay off the crackers and snacks in a box.
  • Lay off the soft, processed cheese. Choose raw goudas {Whole Foods has them}
  • NO NO NO soda please. Don't use the "it's DIET excuse". 
  • Eat Soup for dinner. 
  • Fruit for breakfast. 
  • Salads for snacks. 
  • Organic poached eggs instead of meat. Add avocado. 
  • Consume lots of fat and LESS carbohydrates or sugar. 
  • Goats yogurt or milk instead of regular. 
  • No cereal. Instead maybe oats. 
  • Make green smoothies or protein-rich smoothies. 
  • Sorbet or Homemade Ice cream for dessert
  • Avoid any fast food. 
  • Throw out your sugar. Yes, throw it out. Use organic local honey instead. 
  • Eat home cooked. 
  • Instead of rice, eat vegetables. 
  • No pizza. 
  • No cookies. Except for these, of course.  
  • No cake or pie. I don't care whose birthday it is. 
  • EAT LESS. Be hungry this week. 
  • Fill yourself up at home before going out to a restaurant. 
  • Lay off the booze. Have one glass of wine, instead of a margarita or two or three. 
  • Have meat only 3 times this week. Make broth from the leftovers. 
  • Focus on contributing a healthy side dish this year at Thanksgiving. Check out my ideas
  • JUICE IT UP!!!!!!! JUICE everything you have left over - beet greens, beets, carrots, garlic, ginger, lemons, limes, you name it. 

Enjoy the Holidays. 

Beet Juice Recipe 

yields 1 large juice or 2 small ones

1 bunch parsley {I used a lot of the parsley for a recipe, but had tons left over, use the STEMS}
2 lemons
1 large chunk ginger
2 apples
1 cucumber {i like to shave off some of the waxy skin}
1 large beet

In a juicer, NOT a blender, combine the above ingredients. If you have extra apples, juice them for your kids and store in fridge. I always add a cucumber, it's tasteless and really hydrating for them. Add a lemon to that mixture and you have natural LEMONADE! 

Kids love this stuff, I'm tell you. So, store it in an airtight container for the week. 

Sorry about the mess & the icky clean-up, but it's worth it. 

note: I just HAD to share this juice with you because it was ELECTRIC pink and reminded me how insanely healthy it is for you.