Happy Halloween :: The Candy Dilemma

Whether your concern is cavities, no vegan options, hyper activity, throwing up, stomach upset, lying, or not sleeping well, CANDY at Halloween is a concern for many parents, HEALTH CONSCIOUS or not.

My kids are only 2 and 3 years old, so I am not the expert on this subject and I can't "brag" right now that my children say NO to candy like good little healthy munchins. In fact, with my oldest, it's quite the opposite. He LOVES candy, gum, lollipops, chocolate, etc. Probably because it wasn't even in his vocabulary until just this year. 

My kids go to school a couple days a week and most likely they will attend public schools in a few years. Halloween tradition, as much as it bothers me {I'm sort of counter-culture, in case you haven't yet noticed} it will forever be UNAVOIDABLE. So, my theory is to let them

1) learn from their own mistakes. let them see how candy makes them feel.

2) while also teaching them and pointing out things about candy, too much of it, that it's a holiday, etc.

3) take them to only a few houses for trick-or-treating and instead focus more on costumes and socializing {music, events, crafts, etc.}. maybe have a party or focus on handing out healthy candy and GIVING as opposed to greedily collecting candy.  

4) give your kids choices. One great idea my naturopath gave me was to tell them that they could choose a few favorite pieces and then trade the rest of it in for TOYS at Target. YUP, you heard me. I know, might seem a bit materialistic, but again, I was faced with choices as a health conscious parent and chose the latter. Others might choose to keep the candy and let kids have just one or two a day for a few weeks? That's an idea as well. 

They might also choose to donate their old candy for money. It's called candy buy-back and a lot of cities are doing this right now. 

5) bribery. tell your kids they need a super healthy meal before they leave the house or else no candy. and each time they want a piece of candy, tell them they need to eat a few veggies first {wink}. 

When my kids were 1 and 2 years old, I let them knock on a few doors with friends just to experience it and see the houses and dressed up families and then I swapped out the candy for healthier options. They had no idea and could care less because they got to have special treats that they didn't normally get. 

Make sense?

Now, if you asked me what I will do in 2 years. I wouldn't know how to answer that. But I would probably still do similar things. 

Hope that helps!

Happy belated Halloween and I hope you all had a great time!