Smokey Chipotle Sour Cream {raw & vegan}


As promised. Here is a raw vegan recipe for the Chipotle water and the Smoke sea salt.

You really don't have to use both in this recipe but it's so good. Not too spicey, but more on the smokey side. 

It is great for vegans who love sour cream or cheese because in addition to avocado, it gives a similar fatty texture and taste to your traditional meals but without the dairy {i.e. tacos or add chives and you have sour cream and chive flavor, etc.}.

I would add it to almost anyting. I LOVE sauces. It would be great to dip the chipotle poblano peppers {see below} in this as an appetizer. 

Enjoy & Good Luck.

Sour Cream Recipe

1 young coconut, flesh
1/4c soaked cashews {4 hours or overnight}
1/2c chipotle infused water {it's easy, see my other post about this}
1 lemon or lime, juice {or half and half}
1 Tbls miso 
pinch chili powder {to taste}
1/4-1/2 tsp smokey sea salt

In a vitamix or high speed blender mix all everything but chili powder on high for like 30-45 seconds. Add chili powder and mix well. It should come out as smooth as traditional sour cream. If it didn't, you either need to upgrade to a Vitamix {win} or you needed to soak your cashews longer. 

You might need more salt. Taste test it first. But the miso adds a lot of salt as well.