Smokey Salt & Spicy Chipotle

Lately I've been so in love with bbq flavors and chipotle style cooking:

* Lots of heat.
* Lots of spice.
* Plus a smokey chili flavor. 

My latest favorite kitchen spices can be used in baked and/or raw food dishes. The sea salt was a gift, and in all honesty the small had me sort of taken aback at first. It took me quite awhile to get used to and find uses for. But every since I finally got comfortable with it, I've been hooked.

It's an alder smoked type of sea salt from Whole Foods. It came in a mason jar without a label {so forgive me, you can google alder smoked salt if you'd like or ask your local whole foods team member}. 

It's not very strong, so I often use it in conjunction with regular sea salt. 

There are many uses for this salt:

* Dehydrated eggplant jerky or coconut jerky.
* Kale Chips {in place of half the salt}.
* Macaroni and cheese {makes it more gourmet}.
* Rim the glass with this when making non alcoholic lemonade or traditional margarita.
* Marinate veggies in it before bbqing or dehydrating. I made my tacos and added this salt.  
* Raw Pizzas. Or Cooked Version.
* On top of raw chocolate truffles
* The list goes on.

The next is another smokey favorite. It's the WONDERFUL chipotle pepper! The water I like to use is super easy to make and you can store it in the refrigerator so it's ready to use each day. 

There are many uses for this spice:

* Use the water to soak nuts.
* Use the water in the blender to make your average sauce a smokey/spicy one.
* Use the chunks combined with sea salt and garlic. top veggies or whatnot when grilling or baking or sauteing
* Use the water to turn a boring beverage into a fantastic one. Non alcoholic like lemonade, hot chocolate or      an alcoholic drink like spicy margaritas. 
* Your favorite kale chip recipe.
* Use the water in the raw chocolate truffles recipe. 

* the list goes on

I will share with you the roasted peppers we made last night using this water.

I actually used it in everything and our mouths were on fire but our taste buds were excited about the new flavors. 


1 dried chipotle pepper
1-2c water

Let the pepper soak for 30 minutes. 
Blend in blender until pepper is very finely chopped up. Water should be dark in color. 

Voila, it's ready to use. You can use the chunks like you would use garlic. Play around with it though, starting with less and adding more. You don't want to over spice but you DEFINITELY don't want to under spice the dish. 

You can use the chunks as part of a "rub" or just mix it in with veggies before you grill or dehydrate. 

That' sit. Told you. Super EASY.