Ellen Heigel :: Didn't Take NO For An Answer

I'd like you to meet Ellen Heigel. She wrote me this sweet letter the other day and I wanted to share it with you because one of my favorite things to hear is a story about how somebody didn't take NO for an answer and explored alternative options to drugs and sugery with SUCCESS.

I had to share her story with you guys not only because she's so adorable but because she hopes and wishes she can help as many people as she can learn to help themselves transform their lives for the better.

And best of all, she's only 23! And mercury poisoning is a HUGE deal. It comes from fish {diet}, tooth fillings, immunizations. It is detoxable {and must be done because it can be fatal} but you NEED to do it right and carefully. {usually via naturopaths}

Dear Juli,

I just found your blog 5 days ago and I can't stop reading and re-reading every post! I love your pictures & recipes and I am very interested in adopting a “relaxed” raw-vegan/vegan lifestyle.  I hope you don’t mind I share a little of my story with you – I am so thankful to have found your blog & I LOVE what you are sharing with all of us. I want to help spread the word and I hope my story helps others like your site is helping me now!

"I am 23 years old (married 2 years & living in MD) who battled “sickness” for 5 years. I slowly developed allergies to just about all food: dairy, gluten, beans, peanuts, certain fruits & veggies… my doctor couldn’t help me and told me I was absolutely healthy – just had IBS. I was miserable and felt so alone. At one point I was doing the candida diet as my full-time eating plan. I followed that for about 8 months before I finally went to a natural doctor, who quickly confirmed that I had mercury poisoning along with many other issues! Although it was scary to hear, I was so excited to have some answers to the years of sickness!!

Shortly after that first appointment, I went to a gastroenterologist just to get a better picture of what was going on inside of me.  When I woke up after the procedure, the doctor very coldly told me & my husband that I had two damaged organs (gallbladder & liver) and no epithelial lining on any part of my digestive tract. He then went on to say that the only option for me was to be put on an anti-depressant which will take away the pain. …I was stunned and told him NO WAY! and instead returned with my pictures & diagnosis to my natural doctor.

I am so thankful and blessed to say that after 1 year of working with a natural doctor & dentist (they remove my amalgam fillings which were leaking mercury into my blood stream), the mercury poisoning has left, my organs have healed themselves, my epithelial lining has re-generated, and I have no food allergies, foggy brain, mood/energy swings, or menstrual irregularities anymore!!  I am finally getting back to LIFE!!"