Protein & Green Breakfast

On an ideal day at home I will make a wonderful, hearty, warm breakfast at like 9:30a or 10a. The breakfast would consist of poached eggs, kale krackers/chips and two servings of a green drink. If I cook an egg, I only poach it and I eat it with GREENS and/or a green drink. 

On such a typical day, my son will try and take my kale chips, ALL of them, and then eventually my green drink. So I often have to steal them back and throw them in with my eggs. 

Hope your breakfasts are filled with greens & superfoods - CHEERS to 2011!

Green Drink Recipe

4 oranges {clementine - easy peel}, peeled
1 lemon, peeled
1c coconut water
2 handfuls cilantro {stems are ok}
sweetener {I mix 1 Tbls stevia leaf, 3 Tbls xylitol}
1tsp bee pollen or royal jelly
1/2 cucumber, peeled & diced
2Tbls hemp protein
3 small scoops of Berlies Brand ice cream
2 inches of ginger root, slightly peeled

Mix it all up on high in the vitamix until smooth.