{ school days, egg burritos, dads gone & more }

It's been another long few weeks. The boys dad was gone for 6 days and it felt like 2 years! My oldest son just started pre preschool and absolutely loves it. We have been eating healthy but sneaking *desperation* treats here and there. {see photo above :: mom's bed @ 6:30a}

Going to school means growing up {sniff} but it always means I have to make lunches and get really creative with them {sigh}. So, last week I started off with sandwiches. I used my raw vegan cheese recipe, spread that on bread with my favorite raw hummus. It turned out great. I didn't have any avocados, but if I did, I would have used that, too. If your kids eat dairy, you can still make this sandwich by adding a slice of cheese to it. I used soft sprouted whole grain bread.

Remember, this is a 2 1/2 year old. So the choices had to be appealing and something exciting or he would choose play time over meal time. I threw in a apple sauce squeeze and a few of his favorite green food and omega 3 vitamins {which are basically treats to him} and his favorite matchbox car.

The following day I did the same but also made an almond butter and raw New Zealand honey sandwich instead of his fruit squeeze. The bag I use is reusable and the sandwich is wrapped in these really cool wax paper bags {alternative to plastic}.

As you may have noticed, I have also been going through an egg phase. I have been craving protein possibly or maybe just warm food? A few weeks ago I poached them {as I always do - cooking them less is better - make sure yolk is still runny} and topped them with chopped basil and roasted cauliflower. 

Then on the following Sunday, I made the whole family egg wraps, which are great for the 'men' in our lives and children who are craving  a big Sunday meal. I added my raw vegan cheese to the gourmet tortilla, lightly cooked eggs, vegan mayo, avocado and fresh greens! It was pretty darn amazing and filled us up all day!

And finally, I will part with a few random photos. The first - a typical evening that we Californian's have been experiencing these past few weeks now. It's been unbelievable outside and nights have been BEAUTIFUL. This photo was captured from a restaurant patio where we met up with friends over wine and grub. It was just like a rad Summer day. 

Don't ask about the next photo - I did an impulsive thing and had my hair dresser add a feather to my mop. How old do I think I am? Whatever. It looked good on her so I caved.

And finally! I would like to thank my wonderful Hipstamatic iPhone app for allowing me to be lazy but still have some fun artsy photos to share with everybody! But it's time to put that app to rest and start challenging myself. I will now be resorting back to my Nikon - I have been practicing and getting a little better with it! So this post is somewhat of a WORDLESS WEDNESDAY tribute to my hipstamatic days! {except I just HAD to write words today}