Black Rice With Spice :: A Crowd Pleaser

Today is a lazy post but a great dish nonetheless. Lazy in that I didn't measure exact amounts so you will have to create your own recipe using my ingredients/flavors. 

I'm going to a little 'party' tonight at a friends house and I said I would bring a dish. 

So, I went to the store with my two little buddies and while they sipped on smoothies I pulled ideas off shelves to create a flavorful rice dish for the occasion. 

I came home, cooked one bag of black rice {see my past black rice recipe} in water with a boullion cube and heated up 2 cans of white beans on the stove with garlic and sea salt. 

Meanwhile, I made a toasted sesame/olive oil dressing with citrus and golden raisins, raw honey, organic brown rice vinegar, garlic, sea salt and spices. For the spices I combined chili peppers, cumin seeds and coriander seeds in a mortar and pestle.  Then added that to the dressing. 

After the beans were dry and rice was cooked, I combined it all. 

I then topped it with parsley and toasted sesame seeds!

Turned out FAB! Enjoy your weekend!