105 Degrees Chef Academy

This post is dedicated to all of you guys out there who still think of raw foods as being only for hippies and as a boring diet that consists only of greens salads, carrot sticks and smoothies. Raw living foods are of course about health and non cruelty, for sure, but it's also a culinary experience that you must at least try. You will taste things you never thought you would ever taste in your life. If I can motivate you, maybe Matthew Kenney, can!

Ever since a great friend of mine moved to the Oklahoma area, I have been following Matthew Kenney and 105 Degrees on Facebook. Most of you, who know raw food, knows of Matthew or has at least has one of his recipes at home and doesn't even know it. 

After discovering his Oklahoma restaurant, 105 Degrees, I fell in love with it; everything from the menus, the design, decor and even the wine list - is press worthy & just perfect! The food looks amazing, and if it's anything like the recipes from his book, it taste just as gourmet. While drooling over the web site, I came across a link to the "Academy"! Yes, that's right, Matthew now runs a culinary school. A legit one, too. You can find out more about this {pricing, dates, course info} on the web site.

I have tried for months now to figure out a way for me to get away from my household for 6 weeks so I could attend this gourmet school, but as anybody with new little kiddos knows, it's not really feasible.

So, for all of you out there that CAN partake in such a wonderful culinary experience, I hope you don't let the opportunity pass you by in this lifetime. 

Through twitter and facebook, while doing some research, I also came across these amazing photos by one of the 105 Degrees students. She has this lovely blog called Veggie Wedgie with fabulous photos. Please see them below plus a few of the photos come from Matthew's web site. 

I hope these photos will change your mind about raw food, which is MUCH more than grapes and cashews. It's a whole new {new to some}, mouth watering, mood lifting, taste bud party.