COLLARD GREENS!! In Season & Delish

I love love love greens and I especially love the way in which I made these Collards today! Mmmm. Mmm. 

If you're Vegan you'll love this recipe. {and of course if you're not, you'll love it with cottage/romano cheese}. 

Try getting the ingredients at the local farmer's market. They have non-sprayed or organic options there. Also, you can buy pre-made black rice. Try this one, it's good, but not organic. 

If you want a great side dish you can leave out the rice. If you're making lunch, which is what I did, then I would use the rice. 



1 bunch collard greens, middles removed
10 fresh pea pods {pods removed}
1 LARGE garlic bulb {or two small}, PRESSED
3.5 Tbls olive oil
3 Tbls black sesame seeds
4 c cooked black rice {optional}
salt & pepper to taste

Cover the bottom of a sauce pan with just a little water and turn on the heat to just above medium. Add the collard greens. Saute. Add the peas. Saute until greens are dark in color. Add a 3 Tbls olive oil and sea salt then toss together in pan. Set aside. 

>> STOP HERE IF MAKING A SIDE DISH. Add sesame seeds and raw garlic if you'd like.<<


Add cooked black rice to the pan, add fresh pressed garlic and sea salt. Then add sesame seeds. Add 1/2 Tbls olive oil. Saute on medium until warm. 

Toss everything together. YUM


vegan -->

- add avocado as well as pepper
- add raw or vegan cheese

non-vegan -->

- add cottage or ricotta cheese
- add romano cheese