Better Than PB&J

I got creative over the weekend and put together a little mock pb&j. It turned out pretty good. My kids liked it. It has rolled oats, almonds, pecans and coconut oil. A little xylitol and some fresh organic blackberries. Healthy and sweet and hearty {low sugar}. 


1c oats
1/2c raw almonds
1/4c raw pecans
1/8c + 1Tbls xylitol
pinch sea salt
1/4c + 2 Tbls coconut oil
1/2 tsp kuzu root powder {or a thickener of your choice - try chia seeds}
3 Tbls water
8-10 black berries

Mix the first 5 ingredients together in a food processor, except leave 1Tbls xylitol for sauce, until you have a meal-like texture. Then add coconut oil. blend again until fairly wet, not crumbly. Spread onto a teflex dehydrator sheet. 

In a cup add water and kuzu, mix until dissolved. Add xylitol. Mix again. Use the same food processor bowl, add wet mixture and berries. Pour on top of the dough on the teflex. Dehydrate for 18-20 hours. 

Cut into squares & enjoy!