The Well Being Journal & Fun Nutrition Facts

Goodness, there are soo many great things that I have been wanting to blog about lately. One is how fantastic I feel and look {haha} right now after 16 days of homeopathic cleansing and then now 7 days of candida diet. 

I have the whole family eating no juice or sugar or agave or fruit and we are LOVING it. All of us actually. My kids are acting much more calm and collected, that's for SURE. Of course carbs are very important so they are eating whole grains and some juice from the juicer as well as apple sauces.  

Anyways, more on that later. 

I want to share a few fun nutrition facts with you today! But first, I wanted to introduce you to one of my favorite magazines/journals on the planet. It's a GREAT reference guide for health and eco planet info: 

The Well Being Journal. 

This journal is filled with the best research-based alternative health information/articles you'll ever find. I have been reading this magazine since I was 20 years old {my uncle got me hooked back then} and Kookie Karma used to actually advertise in their as well back in 2006/2007 when we used to advertise. 

I remembering falling in love with the magazine when I read an article years ago about how soy is actually bad for us. I thought "finally, somebody else thinks this too!!" I had a terrible hormone reaction to soy back then and this was the first place I'd read something about it. They are very ahead of the times when it comes to nutrition, vaccines, supplements, and so on.  

I picked up an old issue today, back from 2006. Coincidentally this issue has an article titled Nourishing Foods for a Growing Baby. It was fun to re-read, since back in 2006 babies weren't even on my radar. 

I collected a few interesting tips that I want to share with you from not only this journal but also from a few other candida and food books I've been reading lately:

GREAT reminders and things to think about. I love the comment about grains. We are taught that grains are the first foods that babies should eat and eggs should be the last. Also, garlic is something we would think to be off-putting for babies. Right?

Also, it's so true about breast feeding. The milk we give our babies is as good as what we put in our bodies. A great reminder to give yourself nourishing foods, too. 

OK, that's all for now. Have a lovely lovely day! It is a beautiful beginning of Fall here in SD. I'm loving every moment of it.