Golubka's Fruit Roll-Up Art!

Ok, so a few weeks back I introduced the head honcho over Gliving.com to my most wonderful blog contributors - The Golubka Team {remember baby Paloma?}! 

Since then they have been coming up with some amazing stuff. And I'm just so glad I made the connection. Gliving is a perfect place for her to display her ideas. 

I mean, it blows everything I do here at PUREmamas out of the water! 

For example, if you thought my fruit leather idea was a good one, you'll freak when you see theirs! 

Yeah, I know, amazing, right? Those little "toys" are edible and colorful and totally cute.  

Now here's what she says:

Fruit Leather
You can find many fruit leather recipes on the internet. Here, I just blended the fruit in a food processor. Then sweetened it to taste with raw honey or agave. Spread it quite thickly on Teflex-lined dehydrator trays and dried at 115F until leathery. Peeled off the Teflex, flipped, and dehydrated some more until completely dry. I made hard templates of each shape and used a knife and kitchen scissors to cut out the pieces.

I started by making various fruit leathers of different colours. Mango, kiwi, blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, kiwi-spinach and carrot-mango to be exact. Then I decided on five basic shapes (circle, triangle, long rectangle, curved teardrop, and straight teardrop) and cut each one out in three different sizes. The simplicity of the shapes allows for much imagination when building a picture, the possibilities here are never-ending. It seems that room for creativity is one of the most important aspects of a children’s game, it encourages a sort of intellectual freedom and concentration.

Well, it was a hit. Paloma is a little too young to be able to construct her own images, but she liked watching us do it, naming all the animals and things, and loved the fact that all the pretty puzzle pieces could be eaten.

This type of puzzle would make for an interesting homemade gift. Or it could be a way for a more finicky eater to learn about the taste, scent, and colour of different fruits and learn to like them through playing a game.

Bunny rabbits, cats, birds, tigers, bears and other animals, snowmen, butterflies, flowers, sailboats, the sun, pine trees, bees, and landscapes.

You name it.

To see more photos from this day, see the Gliving post.

And...stay tuned for more from them! They are truly the most creative, health foodies, I know.