New Kitchen Appliances!

1. Citrus Juicer 2. Ice Cream Maker 3. Pizza Stone

So yesterday, my birthday, I went to Sur La Table because mom had to return the pizza stone she had bought me as a gift {it was cracked upon arrival}.

On the way out the door I thought to myself "maybe I should return that darn soda maker that I NEVER used!" I had bought it awhile back and thought it would be fun to make things like sparkling apple juice or sparkling fresh lemonade. Sounds brilliant, right? Well, according to the manufacturer, you can't use anything but water and then you have to use their {sugary} syrups. 

Because I was so annoyed by this the machine sat in my cupboard for months.

I grabbed it and all its parts - it was worth a shot, no?

Lucky Me! Sur La Table was nice enough to return it and I exchanged it for a few items I have had my eye on lately - an ice cream maker {peach coconut creme sounds good} and a citrus juicer {my famous margaritas}!

Wow, what a day I came home feeling like it was my birthday or something {haha it was my birthday}; for the price of the soda maker, I got two brand new awesome appliances plus a large pizza board, two bodum glasses, a tea capsule AND $2.00 cash back? Yes! I scored. 

But, somehow all three of my large items are red. Not sure why I chose red? I don't usually even like that color. Must be because I was feeling passionate about my decision to return the soda maker. 

Anyways, I will have some great recipes coming soon using these new little machines {fresh squeezed grapefruit icy? or peach sorbet? yum, can't wait}.

Hope you're as excited as I am ;)

Stay Tuned.......