Cantaloupe Raspberry Delight

Today is my birthday and I am excited to have a healthy relaxing day full of wonderful things. I was supposed to go to work but a little angel at my office offered to help take over my duties there so that I could enjoy my birthday. {Thanks Deborah}

I pictured waking up to happy children treating me with hugs and kisses. But instead the first hour of the day has already been spent putting my oldest in his timeout chair for throwing a tantrum and with my youngest hitting me for no apparent reason. 

So, I'd like to thank yet ANOTHER Deborah who is coming over later so that I can escape for a few hours. ;)

In the meantime, I am about to enjoy a fresh cataloupe & raspberry delight - something I came up with yesterday. 

It's pure heaven!


1 organic cataloupe
1c raspberry sorbet {I used a raw vegan one that Kimberlie invented, it's amazing}
7 cubes of ice

Blend the above ingredients on high in the Vitamix. It's finished when there's not chunks left. 

Drink Away! And CHEERS ...