Celebrating Life & Making NEW Memories!

My household has been so super duper crazy these past few months as you probably assume seeing that I have fallen off the twitter, facebook and blog planets!

And I have written a few posts recently about my busy life. I have to say that I hate that! We're all busy! So, I'm sorry for claiming to be "too busy"! We're never too busy to sit down and do something we enjoy. The problem is when there's too many things you enjoy. 

Like for example, I have been focusing more on my company {which I enjoy} but less on feeding my family homemade {super} foods! But that means I have been buying more snacks to make up for it! And this is a good thing sometimes: I LOVE getting to try new stuff like Living Intentions Hemp Superfood Cereal, {#9}have you TRIED IT? Please tell me you have? If not, DON'T BUY IT. You'll just want more.

- I've been getting my hair cut {#7}.

- Visiting with my mom and grandma and friends that are in town visiting from the UK.

- Been reading and discussing some parenting articles and magazines with friends - i.e. these two articles that I came across today really stirred up some thought and debate thought. One being about feminism and stay-at-home moms. The other about breast feeding and model Gisele.

Read them and of course their comments. They will get your brain going. You'll either like what you read or hate what you read or a little of both. I like the articles; they will for sure get you thinking - about both sides and all sides - but again there are some that do not like to hear any of it or ever hear the other side! oh well. 

- I've been spending lazy afternoons at the L'Auberge pool, just for fun with our boys. 

- Going to Lego Land {#10}

- Watching my second son learn to walk {#6}. 

- Just this week I've been getting back into making some of my fav recipes. Like some coconut jerky, kale chips and raw cheese, too. 

- Making up weird new recipes like peaches n' cream oatmeal - didn't quite make the PUREmamas cut but it was good {#2}

- Been busy shopping for a new sofa - our last one was ruined and I'm secretly happy - but going to miss the memories of us all hanging out on the teeny tiny little old one that we have definitely outgrown {#3} 

- Drinking watermelon juice

- Celebrating Wes' birthday - he LOVES beer by the way {#11}

- Enjoying the outdoors, including bike rides {#8}

- I've been in a really great chardonnay mood. Found a bottle that I loved

- Watching the kids celebreate life doing really simple toddler stuff. Like taking a bath {#4}

- Or getting into trouble using daddy's hair products without us knowing {#5}

It's really amazing when you are raising a family and working really hard on something you love but FEEL like you've been on vacation all the while. Wow. I feel super lucky today. It took me writing blog post for me to realize that.