Rooibos Tea - For Kids?

I had this grand idea the other day - TEA! Yes, tea. Not for myself but for my 26 month old. He had been asking me for tea since he was like 20 months old {I know, kinda odd} and I had always said NO. Tea isn't really a child's drink. I didn't think a baby had mature enough taste buds and of course most tea has caffeine. 

But I was shopping at Jimbo's awhile back and came across the tea isle. I picked up some super strong loose leaf green tea for myself and upon grabbing the tin I noticed a kids tea tin. It has a giraffe on it and a few other zoo animals. My son immediately wanted it. The labels claims it's great for kids? I wasn't so sure. 

The main ingredient is organic rooibos {which is caffeine free} and the rest is organic vanilla and strawberry flavors. 

So when we got home I warmed some water and made the tea. I thought for SURE my son would want honey or a sweetener, right? How good could it be plain?

I gave it to him plain. He told me he LOVES IT! He drinks a whole 'adult' mug full from time to time. He doesn't want it in a sippy cup. And he likes it warm so he can blow on it. 

Herbal teas are calorie free {kids actually need lots of calories but not necessarily in the form of honey or juice all day long} which means there's no sugar. Rooibos is full of minerals and antioxidants. 

Try it. Make it fun. Show your child how to warm the water on the stove, show her the tea bags and the mug. Let her drink it slowly, blow on it. Just like Mommy does!