Today's Wish List

If I could redo my living/hangout area this minute and money was NO object. I would for sure buy these ligne roset facett chairs {#1} and get rid of my sofa. 

I've also been lusting over the Knoll Platner tables {#2}. They are expensive but true art pieces. For Wes' birthday I'm thinking of getting him #3, the bonbonne light also from Ligne Roset. It would look really great with rest of the furniture, no? {wink}

And of course the eco-friendly FLOR tiles, I have tons of them covering my house, but this floral pattern {#4} is one that I keep eyeing online but have been too much of a wuss to purchase. 

I truly believe that buying timeless, designer furniture is the most eco-friendly way to go. Especially because the furniture lasts a long time {high quality}, doesn't go out of style and holds its value. Meaning, you can still sell it years from now and not lose too much on doing so.

In addition, I don't own leather furniture, but I do believe that if you buy leather it's better for our planet than if you buy fabric furniture and dispose of it time and time again. The longer it lasts the more worth the price and the trees or animals consumed in the process. sure you're in love with it first! ;)

OK, that's all, just wanted to share with everybody my wish list for the day. I'm sure it will change with time. 

hmmmm, now off to make some chocolate milkshakes for the gang. Will post about that later!