Cacao Almond Shake with GREENS!

One of my most favorite things in the world is chocolate milk. It hasn't always been...but ever since I got into raw superfoods I've been addicted. It's weird, I used to crave and obsess over dark chocolate {bars, truffles, etc.} but lately I don't eat it but instead DRINK it!

This recipes is great without the greens but you honestly can't taste them. It takes two seconds to add them, so WHY wouldn't you?

This recipe is WONDERFUL for pregnant ladies craving sweets and chocolate. It's full of antioxidants and raw nutrients.

I usually give my kids this too, when they are being GOOD and asking for a "treat"!

Sound gross to you?...It's super simple to make, so PLEASE just try it!


 1.5c almonds {preferably soaked, but you don't have to}
3c water
1/2 vanilla bean
1/3c agave nectar
1/3c raw cacao powder
1 LARGE heaping handful greens {butter lettace or romaine or spinach}


First blend the water and almonds and vanilla bean on high in a Vitamix. Strain the liquid using  super fine mesh strainer/colander {or cheese cloth, if using a strainer you MUST make sure that the holes are tiny tiny tiny, I have this cuisinart one and it works GREAT for nut/seed milks. Anything to avoid that messy gross cheesecloth}

As you can see, the drink didn't last very long {here I am posting about it}...