Lots Going On! New Web Store!

Wow, how is it that whenever I think things can't get crazier - they DO! 

Last weekend was my third wedding weekend in a row. It was AMAZING again, to say the least. 

Anyways, every extra moment of free time {kids are sleeping, etc.} has been spent putting together my new web site. I know, I know, I'm always redoing it. But the last one just wasn't right nor was it easy to navigate. 

Today is the official launch date of our new site! Please check it out when you have a moment. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

Of course I've created the entire site myself so some of the bells and whistles aren't really an option. It's been years since I have learned html and web design shortcuts and techniques, but it saved me a lot of money! So...I'm hoping you all love it!

Thanks for sticking around and coming back to PUREmamas every so often to check in. Sorry for being the WORST blogger in the world this past month. I'm sure you ALL understand. 

JuliNovotny.com - check it out.