Cantaloupe Juice!

So I spent the morning juicing watermelon. It was pretty darn good. So healthy tasting.

I had some cantaloupe on hand as well and was tempted to juice it. But had a better idea...

YUM. I couldn't resist posting this recipe. It was so good that I decided to snap a quick photo on my computer {courtesy of photobooth}. My son Roman and I were posing for the camera. It wasn't easy to get a photo. Forgive me, please.

Anyways, the recipe is so easy and simple it's almost not even worth going to the effort to write this post {I should have tweeted it}. But, I don't want to forget about this drink for a warm sunny Summer day!


1  Cantaloupe, ripe organic & in season

6-7 Ice cubes

1 Tbls agave nectar {optional}

I cut open the catalope, removed the seeds and skin and blended it on high for like 20 seconds. Then I put remained of ingredients in a blender and blended until it was smooth {with only a few ice chunks left}!

MY SON got mad at me and threw a tantrum when I told him to try it!!!! I said "just try it once and you'll be done" he tried it and then gulped the rest of it down. It was THAT good. 


ALSO -- below you'll see a recipe for ice cream. Add ice cream to this cantaloupe juice and you'll have the BEST ice cream shake ever!

Remember - try organic & in season when you can!