Apricot Biscotti & Avo Truffles :: Golubka Blog

I really so wonder why I even waste my time in the kitchen coming up with recipes for my PUREmamas readers...when I can just go to Golubka blog and repost her healthy ART PIECES! I mean, really. All her food recipes are PUREmamas approved and are probably lots better tasting than mine anyways! ;)

Anya - thanks for sharing the lovely photos and wonderful recipes. Palmona is a lucky little girl!

Enjoy the photos and for complete recipes and more photos click here for apricot bars & here for avo truffles.


buckwheat sprouts
sunflower sprouts
apricots - pitted
dates - pitted
dry lavender flowers plus some for sprinkle
 mesquite powder
 maca powder
raw honey
light agave nectar
coconut oil
pumpkin seeds
poppy seeds plus some for sprinkle
ground ginger

Not only is this recipe fun to make {kind of remind me of the Easter Egg masterpiece} and beautiful, it's full of the healthiest ingredients around: lime, avocado, dried veggies, mango {in season}, cilantro, sesame seeds...yum! Enjoy.

note: I especially love this idea because it doesn't require a recipe, it's pretty self explanatory just by looking at the photos. Try making one at home. 


wow...right? Stay tuned for more PUREmamas approved recipes for kids and the whole family!