Out Of The Loop {Napa Wedding}

As most of you know, I do this blog on my "free" time! It's not something I focus on everyday, although I wish I had the time focus my entire day on it. It's a hobby that I have...not a money maker! So, I do my best to post at least once a day, but sometimes I slack!

That being said, I am still sorry for leaving you hanging for a few days but it was for good reason, trust me!

I was been "busy" in Napa, having a much needed leisurely time. I stayed the whole weekend alone {no kids} at the Westin, listened to a ton of music, spent quality time with best friends, drank a few glasses of Staglin Family wine, and enjoyed local fresh foods like OENOTRI's peach & fennel salad with pistachios and fresh squeeze watermelon juice! 

Saturday, the day of one of my best friend's wedding {her name is Molly and she's moving with her new husband to Panama}, I spent hours separating flower bouquets into very lovely centerpieces for the lovely wedding occasion. It was hot but the setting was Napa so how could I really complain? I had no cell phone reception and definitely enjoyed that as well. 

The ceremony was not only spiritual and small but it was full of good energy - love and laughter. The man marrying them {justice of the peace?} is an improve comedian {and a friend} which made the ceremony fun to be part of. 

Here's a photo of me and my date, Carrie :)! She and I both wore black and were both solo.

Here I am again with baby Malena, my little NY friend that I NEVER get to see. I couldn't put her down, she is the sweetest little thing!

After some amazing vegetarian food we all hit the dance floor and continued dancing for hours upon hours. Here we are taking a short break from the action! On the right is Shannon Staglin {Staglin Family wine that I mentioned before?} one of my best friends in the world!

Not much more to report. Got a ride back home at like 1am and slept like a baby in my HUGE bed at the Westin all by myself and had NOBODY to wake me up ;) I felt very spoiled. 

It's odd how sometimes you can't stand your children or the whining or the crying or the poop and the messes and dishes and early morning wake up calls {I could go on and on by the way}, etc. but there is something to be said about being away from them - you realize that you actually CAN'T STAND not being with them


But I figured, why waste time being sad missing everybody :) and waste the time that I do have alone! Might a well make the best of it, no? 

SO...the night before the wedding, the morning of the wedding and the morning after were spent at this amazing little public market. It's one of my new favorite Napa must-sees: The Oxbow

While I was there, there was a farmer's market, live music playing and really fun tasting events. But again, the best part of the whole market was the culinary experience. Even the COFFEE is a must-have. The best espresso you could ever sip!

The sustainable, modern building!

The fresh local produce. 

The inside - where there are small stations - featuring different vendors like olive oils, wines, spices, coffee, ice cream, etc. 

The the right is fresh made ice cream {didn't try it}! 

Cupcakes - for those of you who likes these - looked amazingly pretty!

Not matter what kind of eater you are, Napa always has the freshest most gourmet version of it {whether it be sugar-filled cupcakes, baked goods, meat, wine, cheese, coffee, juice, ice cream, tacos, etc.} and usually the producers support local and often organic ingredients.

As far as food goes, Napa is much more exciting than Nor County San Diego! We really need to step it up here. If I had the time and the energy to start something like this Oxbow here, I would! 

Anyways...enjoy the rest of your week and get out and enjoy some sunshine! 

images via RV goddess & inside napa valley