Adding Color {rugs, art, plants & pillows}

I finally have been adding a few artsy touches to my house. I painted the dark {dreary} brown walls and rooms white!! I have since been adding more lively, exciting punches of color throughout the house using the following: 

First touch of color was the addition of a few rugs. 

Second was new plants and potters. 

Third was art.

And lastly, pillows!!!

Most of my stuff was purchased a decent price point. The large pot was on sale at Anthropologie. A few of the succulents were traded on craigslist for old pots we had here in our yard. The art and some of the pillows were etsy finds or I made myself and the rugs were purchased at a local AMAZING outdoor store {the prices were awesome} and the large dining rug was a FLOR purchase. I love everything from that store {but had a really annoying experience working with them there :: good product, TERRIBLE service}!

Check out the rest of the photos here!