Popsicle Weekend

Boy did I have fun this weekend making popsicles for my 2 year old. He's never been so excited about these things. 

Another fun reminder about kids and food is that sometimes the packaging can make the food taste good. The packaging or the context in which the food is being eaten. 

You could put a green drink into a popsicle and most likely it will get eaten. Same with a healthy, protein & nutrient packed smoothie. 

You can even pull out your old juicer and juice up some apple with cucumber.

In our case, we made strawberry lemonade. We blended up the juice of a lemon with one strawberry, added water and agave!

My son ate two and got upset when we told him he couldn't have another one. They were so tasty and so refreshing. 

In case you don't already have popsicle holders or need better ones than what you have at home, I took a photo of the box so you could go out and buy the ones I use. They are awesome! They even have a hollow top so you can add fresh fruit or fun crunchy snacks.