BabyBloom :: Raw Food Nutrition {babies}


This is a great new idea by BabyBloom. Created by a doctor this innovation is helping fuel the idea that babies and young children need healthy foods as much as, if not more than, us adults! 

These tinctures are technically "supplements" but they are also REAL food, just suspended in a liquid. Sound weird because it sort of is! 

Here is how describes these tinctures:

The creator of Super Seeds & Pods, Dr. Andrew Dattila, recognizes that the term 'superfood' is all-encompassing; it stretches all the way from Love for the Earth to deep nutritional potency. 

  1. First, the growing and harvesting of each superfood must benefit the Earth and the specific ecosystem where the superfood is grown.
  2. Next, superfoods are characterized by high nutrient density, and each has a distinctive chemical signature which promotes human well-being.
  3. Lastly, superfoods foster physical strength and mental clarity, emotional stability, and spiritual development in anyone who consumes them.

The superfoods used to create Super Seeds & Pods possess all of these qualities, for the health of our children and the future of the Earth.

There are many ways to offer Super Seeds & Pods to your child. Many children instinctively resonate with the energies of this unique combination of superfoods, and they love the taste! Simply draw up the correct amount of Super Seeds & Pods into the dropper and release it under the tongue of your child. Super Seeds & Pods may also be added to any food, drink, or shake. Feel free to add any of the five types of BabyBloom Superfood Supplements to your sauces, porridges, or anything else your child enjoys eating or drinking. Just consider the products delicious liquid superfood toppings, and watch your creativity bloom.

Try them today! You can buy them all here!