Highlights of Today: Milkshakes and George Nelson!

As you might already know, I'm slowly giving our home a makeover! Last month is was our patio {blog post about that coming soon} and now it's the dining and hallway areas! I just ordered the George Nelson Lantern and it finally arrived! It's going to be installed this week. We also bought a few new flatscreen TVs {costco} and once the walls are painted we'll install those, too. My latest project is the hallway/kitchen area that I painted myself. I used a chalkboard paint and we're really having fun with it! Just one wall, though!

Also, we made milkshakes today! Mmmmmmmmmm. I just love homemade, raw vegan milkshakes. Sounds kinda gross to the average person, no? But wow, it's the freshest, creamiest, icy-iest, sweetest thing ever!

The best part of the shake is the addition of the one whole vanilla bean! It gives it that fresh, gourmet taste. Forget that liquid stuff in the amber jar! The bean is the best way to fly!


2c water
1c fresh almonds
1 whole vanilla bean
1/4c agave nectar
8oz container Tomberlies {or other brand} raw vanilla bean ice cream
1 handful ice

First blend the water, vanilla bean and almonds in a blender on high until fairly smooth. Strain the mixture with a fine mesh strainer so there is no almond pulp. 

Then add it back into the blender. Throw in the ice cream and ice and agave nectar. Blend again until smooth!

It's so cold and sweet and full of vanilla!

This is not an inexpensive milkshake, but it makes a special afternoon or birthday treat for somebody! Cost is about $10 and it makes 4 milkshakes {the size of the ones above}. 

You can get creative and add some banana or chocolate as well! {I'm a vanilla person}


Enjoy your Saturday!