Dr Biter's Suspension at Scripps Hospital

It's a long story and we don't know all the details, but one of the most progressive OBGYNs in California lost his ability to practice at his local hospital. He's been there for years and performs more births {attending all of them might I add} than any doctor at the hospital! He supports birth "choice" and natural birth, but he doesn't push anybody one way or the other. He has a conventional background but is dedicated to a woman's right to choose her birth plan! 

Most likely it's his non-traditional outlooks on birth that have gotten him in trouble. I know this first hand seeing as though I had a home-birth the first time around and then a hospital birth, with Dr Biter, for the second! I had a per-term labor scare which put me in the emergency room at around 25 weeks. Dr Biter was not at the hospital but another female doctor was. When she asked me who my doctor was and where I delivered my last child she felt the need to tell me what a terrible risk it was to have a birth at home. This woman had to explain to me the danger that I put myself and my child in! She was unhappy and said it was her "duty" as not just a doctor, but a mother, to inform me of such dangers. Keep in mind, I didn't even ASK her for her opinion. I was fuming mad and literally on a birthing bed, hoping that my contractions didn't get any worse {she was definitely CAUSING my contractions to get stronger and more frequent}! These were the doctors at Scripps and I thought, if this is what they are like, I want nothing to do with this hospital {JUST BEING HONEST, I AM SORRY IF THIS OFFENDS ANYBODY!!} They are claiming that his practices are too DANGEROUS! That makes sense after experiencing what I did over at Scripps. 

I try very hard not to get angry or upset or overly-biased on my blog! But all Dr Biter has been is open-minded and easy going. He is a laid back, yet super hard working man who has performed thousands upon thousands of births in his life. He works so hard that he can barely get away to take vacations. He just opened the SWEETEST baby store in our area called Babies By the Sea. Not to mention he has worked one-on-one with Rikki Lake to speak on the subject of "birth choice" and "right"! He also just finally opened a birthing center close by in Carlsbad. He has such a huge following of moms who want to be able to not only have a choice but have a doctor that supports them. 

What I also love about him is that he NEVER rushes you out the door. He answers questions, is patient and I will never forget the day I was in his office and he told me that he isn't sure why he's so enthusiastic about it, but he feels it was his life calling to help women speak out about "birth choice"! It's like his life purpose. He cares so much about his patients.

He has no {or at least none that I could see} ego and that to me is so refreshing! He will come to your house if he has to prior to delivery. He also lets you ask all the questions you want and he'll make you feel right at home! He respects women! And he doesn't want C-sections, but will perform them if necessary, and ONLY if necessary! He is the best of both worlds in my mind - medical v natural - and that is so important for SO many people who are too nervous for a homebirth!

There is a rally being held today at the hospital if anybody is interested in attending!

Some of the signs being held up at the rallys include:

Bring Biter Back!
Dr. Biter IS Mother-Baby Friendly!
Dr. Biter is THE VBAC doc!
Dr. Biter has the lowest C-section rate!
RNs (heart) Dr. Biter
Biter is the only OB that teaches surgery in San Diego!
Best DOCTOR 2 years in a row!
Reinstate Dr. Biter NOW!
My baby needs Dr. Biter!
My birth needs Dr. Biter!
Dr. Biter respects women's rights!

Read more REAL stories at his facebook page.

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