Pierce Turns 2, Today!


I miss my old LONG curly haired baby, that only pointed and said mama! In one year he has learned more than I could ever imagine learning in 10 years! 

Here are a few fun memories of my baby boy! {notice the photo below versus the photo above - that's how only 12 months can change a child}

the day he started to walk was the same day his brother was born

here is the facial expression upon seeing his new brother {1 year old}


one of the tuffest times of my life - when roman was born. pierce was a sad boy.

he loved to eat when he was 1

his first time at the zoo. his 2 mo old brother was there, too.

in sonoma with his dad. i was home with brother roman. p was 14 months

when pierce was 1 his daddy did triathlons. he idolizes his daddy

his favorite word was wine. you could only imagine the fun he had at BevMo

in the sun, in the sand. loving every moment. 15 months.

pierce still didn't like his brother, but he accepted him.

i will miss that little 1 yr old bum! so cute.

pierce had a new fetish - roman's baby bottles!!!

don't ask. he honestly put those glasses on and drank that {water} glass on his own.

mommy and roman had a weekend away. daddy and pierce bonded.

pierce has a LOVE for putting on my flip flops and dad's shoes. not sure why. but he's pretty good at it.

the montage in laguna. a spoiled child to say the least.

i will never forget the FIRST time pierce had fun with his brother - halloween - roman was a rainbow caterpillar and pierce was yoda. p was 17 months.

one of his most favorite things and words - yoda!!!!

the first time pierce ate food with a spoon. i was a happy happy mom.

i will never in my life forget this hair. it happened after long, wonderful naps.

one of my most fondest memories of p - before he turned 2 and before he lost all his wonderful curls. {notice his line up of cars} This also marked his days of potty training. look at those GREAT undies. Pierce loves them. Esp his Spiderman ones.

the day before i cut his hair and the DAY he lost his innocence. sad sad. i miss that little baby.

my sons are now BEST friends. they are all grown up but i've never been prouder and never had more fun in my life.

he's no longer a baby. he's my 2 year old. i'm so proud, yet already nostalgic.