Sprouted Oatmeal {RAW} Breakfast

 I've been so obsessed with all the crazy yummy stuff from Golubka these days. Look at this amazing breakfast. I honestly WANT this right now.


Here is what she says about it:

By now, at 19 months, Paloma chews very well and loves to munch away at the original Bowl of Goodness. Still, this baby version remains among her favourite breakfasts.

Ever since becoming interested in raw food, I've been experimenting with making my daughter's ration rich with a variety of different food groups and flavours. Besides the obvious green smoothies, soups, and fruit purees, the amount of raw options for babies and toddlers who cannot chew very well, is quite limited. I haven't been able to find many recipes of the sort, so to turn the situation around, I started coming up with my own.

Most of our breakfasts include grain sprouts, and my intention was to create a similar dish, but one that requires little chewing on Paloma's part. The first logical step was to simply puree freshly sprouted grains together with some fruits. Surprisingly, that doesn't taste too good. When fresh sprouts are broken down completely, their flavour intensifies and becomes quite grassy and unpleasant.

For my next try, I gently dried the sprouts in a dehydrator, and then ground them into a sort of flour.

For the base of this raw cereal, I used a dried apricot and prune puree. You can utilize any kind of fruits to make a base for this cereal, but I especially like the combination of those two (unsulfured) - they become creamy in consistency, not to mention their health benefits.

To specify, I usually mix oat groats, buckwheat, and sunflower seed sprouts, reserved from making chocolate granola. I also thought about incorporating other valuable ingredients, such as chia and flax seeds, hemp hearts, goji berries, and raw pistachios*. These were also ground until flour-like. The ground blends hold up well when refrigerated, which is quite convenient for, say, taking with you on the road, or just having handy at all times.

To prepare, soak the dried fruits in purified water for about an hour. Drain, and blend in a food processor, adding some water to create a smooth and creamy preserve. When Paloma was younger, I froze it in small portions, but now, since she eats more, I keep it all refrigerated in a glass jar.

*If you worry about giving nuts to your child, just exclude pistachios from the list. I like them particularly because they are the only nuts that contain a significant amount of lutein and zeaxanthin - antioxidants that are great for eyesight.