Children's Health Food Book :: Ron Seaborn

We just got a Kookie Karma order over the phone from a man named Ron Seaborn. After speaking with him for awhile I learned that he wrote a health food book for children back in 1995. Can you believe it? Nobody was writing that kind of stuff back then.

I am dying to purchase it on Amazon. Ron calls it, The Children's Health Food Book. Sort of a generic name, but at the time, it probably was THE {only} children's health book. I especially love the food "guardians" {AKA super heroes} on the cover: Vegetarian Warrior, Frutarian Fighter, etc. 

I also love the title of his other book: The Problem With Women Is Men. Even better is that he titles his website, Of course that URL caught my eye. :)

Great work, Ron! Thanks for the kookie order and for writing such interesting books.

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