HAPPY EASTER :: The Cutest {RAW} Eggs I've Ever Seen

This Easter egg basket is seriously the coolest food {and non-food} thing I've seen in a long time. Not only are the "quail eggs" beautiful, they are totally healthy and RAW edible treats. You'll see that they even have a fake yolk on the inside. I wish I had bought some {or made some, but I'm not that creative} for my boys this year as a gift. 

Seriously unreal! I am in awe of the photos and the creativity! Thank you Anya, for sharing!!!!!

note: you might remember Paloma, her daughter, from a previous Real Life Playroom post and raw chili recipe.

I'm just going to post the photos, you can go to Golubka's blog post to view the step-by-step tutorials and recipe.