Barley For Dinner!

I just love the idea of cooking up grains and adding fun toppings. Some of my favorites include quinoa, brown rice, cappelini pasta, and barley. 

Today I made barley for the family and my boys LOVED it! Roman, my youngest {1yr} kept signing "more" and "more" {my kids don't know sign very well at all, but they just know the MORE sign. haha}! He's obsessed with food and he's pretty darn picky. NO fruit leather, no pear/apple sauces, etc. He LOVES his bananas and raw crawkers. He also LOVES kookie karma though. 

Anyways, enough about that. This recipe was great! Try it if you, like myself, LOVE mush - mush of all kinds!

1c barley
3c water
1/4c chopped parsley
3 garlic cloves
4Tbls pumpkin seeds {pepitas}
1/4c olive oil
kale chips {optional - I like to use the crumbs @ bottom of the bag}
1/4c currants
1/4c raw cheese {optional - add olive oil instead}
1/4c sesame seeds

In a small pot, boil water and then add barley. Cook for 35 minutes. Meanwhile toast pumpkin seeds in the oven, press the garlic, and chop parsley. 

When the barley is cooked add the rest of the ingredients and mix together.