Babies & Water


My midwife has been telling me since the birth of my first son, Pierce, to NEVER give my baby water. I asked her why and it made sense at the time but I had a hard time explaining the issue to people second hand. 

Not only that but I wondered why, if it's such a SERIOUS thing, why is it not written on every formula container, every bottle packaging, etc. in BIG BOLD writing? 

I do remember hearing a story, a few months after being told this, on the Today show about a woman who couldn't afford her formula {tough economic times} so she watered down the formula to save a few dollars. Well, her baby died {sorry for sharing such a tragic story}! 

I also remember seeing a girl at a store up the street here. A really sweet, happy new mom. She was feeding her son a bottle with ONLY water in it. I didn't want to be an annoying mom with some stupid "fact" or "wives tale". But I finally said something! The baby was on his second bottle of water. She didn't know about this "rule" and felt bad. I didn't know the exact reason as to why babies shouldn't drink water out of bottles. So, I felt kinda silly. But on the flip side, I would regret not sharing the info. 

So here I am sharing info just for the sake of it because I figure in case you haven't gotten the memo. Now you have. 

My midwife finally sent me something on paper that explains this issue from a medical standpoint. {Finally, something concrete to reference. Smile}