Sprout Wellness :: Product Review


I'm in LOVE with this new line of SUPER natural face {and body} products. The ingredients are so simple yet so calculated. Each ingredient plays a very important role in the cleansing process and the quality is top notch as well. 

Honestly, you gotta try these new products. Your skin will thank you and so will your body {because they don't include toxic ingredients or fillers of any kind}. And, I'm not just saying that because the owner sent me product the other day to review. I'm sincere.

I have been using some organic rose water from Target {yes, Target} every morning but I'm sore sure switching. It just feels like it's better and for sure CLEANER in all aspects! 

Sprout Wellness also makes a body scrub that I have NOT yet tried and I'm dying to try. The lip balms are amazing, too. I like citrus and Wes likes peppermint!

Plus, I also like what their web site says:

Things we take very seriously:

-Being environmentally friendly 
-Using organic and fair trade products 
-Not ripping people off 
-Educating ourselves and others 
-Being nice 

The only thing negative for me is that the packaging {the sticker portion} is paper and if it gets wet it changes texture. They need a better sticker that can withstand that kind of thing. That's just me though and probably the LEAST of their worries or cares at this point. But hey, I had to find something wrong with Sprout, or else it wouldn't be a true review. Right? :)