Pierce :: His Last Day As An Only Child

I just thought I would share a few old videos that I came across. All three of which were filmed the day that my second son Roman was born, just 10 days after my first son Pierce turned 1 years old. 

These videos mark the LAST day of Pierce as an only child {sad} and the FIRST day he became a big brother {exciting}. It also marks the FIRST DAY that Pierce started walking. He just decided it was time right when we were about to give birth to baby #2. 

You will see my big belly in these photos. My water had broken 10 hours prior to the videos {hence my pissy attitude} and my son was born 14 hours later {the next day}. All of these videos were filmed at Nana-Ts house. Not our own home. We were all hanging out with grandma to pass time while waiting for Roman to come into the world.