Sucker For Succulents

I've decided to do a few modifications and makeovers here at my house. The first thing I am really wanting to redo is the landscaping. A few years back I had a gardener help me choose plants that would do well in our climate and still look really nice.

A few years later here I am still longing for my succulents. My love for succulents goes way back.

Not to mention succulents are GREAT for dry climate and save lots of water. Read why. Can can't they save your house from a fire?

My outdoor space isn't large {especially with two boys running around - it's not a yard by any means} so I don't have all that much to work with.

I've been purusing magazines and web sites to get ideas and I've found some lovely photos to share with everybody.

{both images above via Sunset which has a great article on clutter-free gardens} While searching the internet, I came across this great blog and what a sweet idea they had to use succulents as party favors.

Then I found these wonderful homemade succulent art pieces {shown below}. Succulent Love, the owner calls her business, and what a great industry to be in {hmmmm, could it be my next venture, haha?}. Just love this girl's designs. And wow, take a look at her house {via design sponge}

Sidenote: OK, so now I just realized that the same woman that does Succulent Love is also the writer for Yes, Please {the blog I just referenced above}! This is great. I love this girl. And look at her other blog {this one I had to find on my own}, cuppielove

And have you guys seen the new gardens that you can hang on a wall like art? I'm really loving this idea. The site I like best is called Woolly Pockets

They also make felt style vases as well as...

lovely herb gardens. 


If you don't have the money for this kinda of amazing stuff. Then there are also very cool DIY projects out there as well {via NestInStyle}. Like the one below.