Playa Avellanas :: Costa Rica

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We are just in love with Costa Rica {i'm even starting to get used to the gigantic spiders and other crazy insects like the 6" long and 4" tall grasshopper that was flying around}. Last time we were here, I was pregnant with my first son Pierce and I never forgot my favorite spot - Playa Avellana beach {just north of playa negra and just south of tamarindo}! There is this VERY cool restaurant called Lola's right on the beach. This place is literally off the beaten path {roads aren't even paved and very hard to drive} but also happens to be right on a popular surf spot {where surf pros from the around the world have come and went}. So it's a fun place with lots of great people. 

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Besides the AMAZING food and smoothies, the best part about it is the modern, rustic architecture and sustainability. They use all organic produce and hormone-free, cage free animal meat. The menu is gourmet yet super healthy and fresh. You can get smoothies custom made and a mean margarita. They grow their own food on part of the land and reuse their cooking oils as biodiesel. 

The tables and chairs are modern and locally made. Everything is concrete and clean and just beautiful. 

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Then, just up the street you can still sleep in style but still remain in the heart of the costa rican culture and life. These rustic bungalows/villas that I came across look just up my alley but literally in the middle of nowhere
{more images on the facebook fan page}.  

Here is what DesignSpotter has to say about this:

"Las Avellanas Villas is an architecturally inspired lodging experience designed by Victor Canas, Costa Rica's iconic modernist. With an aesthetic balancing the interior environment with the exterior, and design amenities including sunken teak and concrete flooring, open-air showers, vaulted ceilings, and large windows that slide open onto front and back terraces, Canas brings a refreshing twist to “bringing the outdoors in.”

designspotter.comRight now we are staying in an all-inclusive called Paradisus on a work trip for Wes' work, just 20 minutes from Tamarindo. If you just need a getaway and some R&R, I would recommend coming here, but it by no means represents the area or the country. We are having a great time but would much rather be kickin' it in the costa rica town where there aren't butlers :) NOT COMPLAINING. Just saying! :)