Dazzlign Jewelry :: Another Great Etsy Find


Nothing better than Etsy finds when looking for some good, sparkling deals. Lately jewelry hasn't been in my 'budget' because there are just so many other things I've been wanting/needing to feel GREAT! But, etsy has some awesome deals and great looking stuff. Afterall, jewelry really does spice up an outfit, even one that's been in the closet for a few years {uh um}. Might be a good way to reinvent an old uniform. :)

I found a few really great pieces that I would like to share with you. ENJOY!

{above} Strawberry Fields Forever. This drop-dead gorgeous necklace is one of a kind! Three elegant strands of rose quartz beads accent a deligtful, vintage, brass flower. Hand-knotted pink silk cord separates each quartz bead.

This necklace is 18.5 inches long end-to-end 

by HaroldandJane

{above} Cinder-and-Smoke. Also by HaroldandJane, this strand of faceted pyrite beads is absolutely stunning. It is the perfect way to dress up your everyday outfit, but classy enough to pair with your favorite dress.

Each pyrite bead is separated by a small knot of black silk which attaches to a length of brass vintage chain. The necklaces closes with a small brass lobster claw clasp.

{above} When the Moon Beams. The blue lucite beads in this bauble necklace practically leap off your neck. Nestled carefully amongst the brilliant blue is a soft pink bead of faceted glass. This piece is perfect for adding some color to an outfit.This necklace is made with vintage brass chain, and closes at the back with a small brass lobster claw clasp.


ONE A MORE EARTHY NOTE - Go2Girl {aka Kila} has some GREAT pieces as well. If you like her work but don't see something that is exactly what you want, then you can have her customer make stuff, too. I like that! 

{above} Lovely, long earrings. Aqua turned wood beads accented with tiny flat bumpy copper rounds and antiqued copper chain.
by go2girl 

{above} Bright and cheerful copper wire hand wrapped to form oval hoops and beaded with dainty glass beads in colors reflective of a peacock feather.

Suspended from copper ear wires.
Measures just over 3 inches in length by go2girl