Oh, How Different Kids Can Be

 i love this photo. but this was never an option.

It's interesting how two children - from the same parents, only 12 months apart - can be such different souls and have such different personalities and habits, too.

My son Pierce, who is 22 months old sleeps a TON. He takes a 3 hour nap on most days and has been like this since birth. He LOVES to sleep and never ever gets up at night. He slept through the night pretty early on and has been a 12 hours a night sleeper {doesn't wake until 7 or 7:30a}.

Roman {who is only 10 months old} on the hand just HATES sleep. Or else he just doesn't know how to do it. From early on I had a hard time sleeping with him. I tried co-sleeping for weeks and weeks but his grunting and noises would keep us up all night.

He needs his own space - pretty far from everybody - and even then he still woke up twice a night for a good 6-7 months. He takes ONE nap {sometimes two} and it's short, like 2 hours max.

He wakes at 5:30a or 6a and goes to bed at 7p. He's a very calm great, easy-going baby, so it's not like he's sleep deprived.

My dream of having them sleep together at night is just not feasible yet. So much for sharing a bedroom. Pierce now has taken over the guest room.

Oh well. We can't predict or create a child's demeanor. Nor can we generalize about kids! Even when they have the same upbringing and parents, it can all be so different.